Photography for Workers Social Justice

Given that Day laborers need proof for wage theft cases, a photograph appears as a solid tool for Day Laborers. We want to increase Technology Literacy among the workers so we are in the process of a series of workshops called “Usa tu celular “ (Use you cell phone).

The structure of the project is consecutive encounters in October/December on weeknights at NICE headquarters with Day Laborers and female Domestic workers, with the goal to increase their mobile digital activism using free available tools at the same time produce portraits to educate the community. We are also developing ideas for several creative vehicles for presenting the app to union members in pursuit of building a greater dialogue around the issues—and greater solidarity.

After these proposed workshops, a poster campaign to raise awareness about Workers Rights will be produced. Posters will be distributed in Worker Centers and Local Businesses. The expectation is that the participants would be future leaders involved in the spread of the use of technology, peer to peer educators and actors of social technology.

Apps for Power

Apps for Power was built on the collaborative process of day laborers, community organizers, artists, and computer programmers. This app, the Wage-Theft App, is our first contribution to the new labor rights movement, where the intersection of fair labor standards and immigrant rights join together. Our project pushes the political potential of social networking technology, as it is also a creative attempt at holding ‘bad actors’ accountable for the harm they cause. Through many community dialogues and work-sessions, our programmer is manipulating app technology to provide a powerful, useful, and safe platform for day laborers to share information, identify harmful employers, and seek legal aid. At the root of our proposal is the idea that technology can be an integral part of grassroots mobilization and social justice practice. Increasing accessibility to this technology is the first step towards the widespread use of smartphone apps as tools for empowerment.